The Icebar Stockholm

Icebar Stockholm

You don’t have to travel all the way to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden to take part in the Icehotel experience. Built in 2002 close to Central Station in Stockholm, the Icebar is now a permanent installation. Kept at a cool -5 degrees Celsius all year round, you are guaranteed a winter wonderland cocktail hour regardless the weather outside. Similar to the Icehotel, the interior of the bar is made entirely of ice from the Torne River in northern Sweden, even the drink glasses. Each year, the bar is replaced with new ice from the river, changing up the room’s design and artwork. Before entering the bar, you are asked to don a warm, fur-hooded cape and gloves for holding your drink, where you then enter a sort of air chamber before being let into the interior. Choose from a menu of Absolut Vodka based cocktails, most of them erring on the sweet side in a variety of bright colors. The bar can accommodate 60 people at a time, so reservations are recommended. The Stockholm Icebar charges an entry fee–185 SEK if you pre-book online, or 195 SEK for drop-ins. One drink is included in the entrance fee. If you are looking for a unique evening experience in Stockholm, this is it. Plus, you get to sleep in a warm bed later that night.

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