L’As du Fallafel

L'As du Fellafel

The best felafel outside of the Middle East is most definitely found in Paris. Lying along Rue des Rosiers in the old Jewish section of the Marais, L’As du Fallafel is impossible to miss. Don’t be swayed by other stalls on the street claiming to offer the best felafel in the city, instead follow the trail of people tucked inside doorways and sitting on concrete traffic barriers juggling a handful of napkins to control the creamy hummus running down their hands and face. Grab your place in the long line forming in front of the famous green facade, where someone will soon come take your order (felafel of course) and hand you a slip. Pay first on the left, then move to the side to wait for your culinary feast to be prepared right in front of you. Watch as the fast working crew behind the counter grab a fresh pita base and overstuff it with a handful of deep fried garlicky chickpea fritters—delightfully crispy on the outside, red cabbage, salted cucumbers, and fried eggplant, all topped off with a heaping spoonful of creamy hummus and if you like, a splash of spicy harissa. Grab a fork and some napkins, join the hoard of students and businessmen indulging in the square, and get to work. This is an experience to be shared on the street with others and a meal that may just keep you coming back to Paris for more.

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Amy Jurries

Amy is a freelance travel writer and editor.

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