Doolin’—Irish Music With A French Touch


While staying in Malahide outside of Dublin at the beginning of June, we wandered over to Gibney’s for a pint of Guinness and a large screen view of the World Cup football (soccer for the Yanks) matches. Unbeknown to us, Doolin’ was set to play later that night. Named after a small coastal village in County Clare, the band actually hails from Toulouse, France. Don’t let that fool you though. As soon as the six members pick up their instruments—including guitar, bodhrán (Irish frame drum), flute, accordion, bass, and violin—they crank out some of the best traditional Irish music you have ever heard. Along with the classic Irish folk tunes, Doolin’ work some  jazz, funk, pop, and even rap into a few more contemporary songs. An enormous amount of passion and energy resonates through their music—so much so that it is near impossible not to get up and dance. If you find yourself in Ireland, definitely seek out a live show from Doolin’, preferably in an intimate pub setting. Otherwise, check out one of the six albums they have recorded since the band’s formation in 2005.

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Amy Jurries

Amy is a freelance travel writer and editor.

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